Hrexpress Kroger:
Hrexpress or Expresshr portal is designed for the use of the employees working at Kroger and its subsidiaries. By using Hrexpress/express services the employees cannview their paystubs, can set up direct deposit, update personal information and many more.

How to check your Kroger pay stubs by using Expresshr/Hrexpress:
  • You will need your EUID(Enterprise User ID) first.
  • Know your password before you try and access your payslips.
  • Now visit this website and enter the credentials in the boxes provided there.
  • Press "I AGREE" once you finish entering the credentials, you can now access your Kroger pay stubs online.
  • If you are a new recruit into the company and are unaware of your Kroger EUID then contact your department manager at your store.
  • Your EUID should look something like this "AB12345" where "A" and "B" would represent the starting letters of your first and last name.
  • You will receive your Kroger paystub every Wednesday.
  • Use Express Hr/Hr Epxress to set up your direct deposit. It would take around two weeks to get your direct deposit set up at the Hrexpress website.

How to check your Kroger schedule online:
The process of checking your Kroger schedule involves the same procedure as checking your Hrexpress paystubs. But the key point here to be noted is that the website where you can check your schedules is called "Kroger Feed". Kroger feed lets the employees log in to it and have access to their schedules online. To check your schedule by using "Kroger feed" follow the below-described steps.
  • Keep your EUID and Password ready(same as the ones you used for accessing Hrexpress/Express website).
  • Now visit and enter your EUID and Password provided in the fields and press "I AGREE"
  • You can now see your Kroger "MY E-schedule" next to "Store Updates".
  • Now press on it and check your schedule.
  • If you are unable to access the  then try greatpeople me website.

Previously it used be greatpeople me where the employees were able to check their Kroger pay stubs online, but the company has recently announced its shift to Hrexpress/Expresshr portal as the basic website to let their employees view their pay stubs. And also if Hrexpress/Express portal does not work for you then you can try accessing greatpeople me website and see if your paystubs can be viewed there.

Note: The websites related to the employee's pay stubs and also schedules would be down every week for their maintenance purpose. That means, the employees can not access these sites i.e Hrexpress/Expresshr( and also to check their paystubs and schedules. The services would be resumed once the maintenance and security checks have been thoroughly completed. Also do not enter wrong credentials at the "Hrexpress" or "Kroger feed" websites, as this may block you from accessing them, if you are unsure of your login details, just contact your department manager and he/she will let you know your Hrexpress/Expresshr login details precisely. 

Here are some quick links which might help Kroger employees: